Thursday, June 15, 2006

Today's Environment Show 789

The ideas of zero-waste may become a reality in the not so distant future, Nitrogen may increase the longevity of food on supermarket shelves, Architecture firm creates structures that reflect the environment, Environmentally friendly cotton ball created from genetically engineered seed, Insulation made from recycled glass, Blends of ethanol and gasoline, or “gasohol”, being sold in the U.S. that have been shown to increase octane and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Today's Environment Show 723

Recycling old cars, Heavy metals from wastewater sludge for topsoil and fertilizer, Biological treatment for industrial waste replaces incineration, Citrikleen, environmentally friendly cleaner, Liquid waste management/Treatment and disposal of wastewater, Hazardous waste clean-up and protective equipment.

Today's Environment Show 724

Portable refrigerant recovery system, Beach and water clean-up projects, Fishery enhancement, Bioremediation, Scrap rubber converted for use in asphalt/Tire recycling, Hydro-electric redevelopment.

Today's Environment Show 725

Hazardous waste transport, Solar energy supplementation, Remove VOC's from emissions, Co-processing liquid industrial waste treatment, Environmentally safe cleaning process (water based), Tire chips used as fuel supplement source,

Today's Environment Show 726

Radioactive waste treatment, Fish hatchery projects, Laser cartridge recycling, Medical waste disposal, Bioremediation technology.

Today's Environment Show 727

Waste water treatment, Dredging/Excavation and reclamation machine, Utilizing waste wood as fuel, Environmental monitoring and remediation, Environmentally sound power plant cogeneration, Formaldehyde free / low VOC furniture refinishing line.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Today's Environment Show 728

Chemical eco-cylinder made from recycled PVC ,Paper products made from recycled paper, Cogeneration power, Hydro electric power, Waste water treatment plant/Composting system for biosolids,

Today's Environment Show 729

Recycle used engine coolant, Educational recycling programs in schools, Reducing the use of CFC's, Automatic faucets and hand dryers, Zero discharge water treatment, Medical waste treatment,

Today's Environment Show 730

Environmentally sound products , Medical waste treatment, Natural gas use, Used tires recycled into useful products, Recycling plastic and utilizing waste wood as energy, Sludge dewatering technology,

Monday, May 22, 2006

Today's Environment Show 731

Freon reclamation and substitution programs, Utilizing robots for cleaning oil tanks, The Oil Swap Program/Incentives for natural gas, Recycled used tires made into pavement additive, "Logic" an insect growth regulator, Recycled paper produces high-gloss, high-quality paper.

Today's Environment Show 732

The battery of the future, Pesticides and their affect on the environment, Air and water analyzation, Closed loop hazardous waste management, Pallet rentals,

Today's Environment Show 733

Concrete and concrete block made from aggregate has greater insulating properties than conventional concrete masonry, Solid waste management programs help the environment through proper resource recovery to generate energy, make new products and construction materials, A company that specializes in producing high value products from recycled materials, A trash to energy facility is capable of processing 2,250 tons of refuse daily and converting it to power 60,000 homes,

Today's Environment Show 734

Horizontal wells capture, recover and recycle groundwater, Six-pack ring manufacturer reduces percentage of plastic used in manufacturing and instituting several post-consumer recycling programs, A leader in regenerated acid technology is committed to a program that researches how to diminish the negative environmental impact of their materials process, Photofinishing technologies and recycling efforts are helping offices to be more environmentally conscious, Technology effectively treats wastewater while minimizing sludge and by-product.

Today's Environment Show 735

Combining various forms of waste into a common mixture for racycling into alternate fuels for industrial furnaces,Innovative technologies being developed such as a natural gas fired cogeneration and photovoltaic solar electric energy will help address long term social and environmental problems, Low-E window glass offers both short and long-term energy savings, The Earthways Home demonstrates ways that people can lead environmentally responsible lives,

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Today's Environment Show 736

A non-profit organization is sponsoring several cryptosporidium parvum (crypto) projects to find solutions to this health hazard, Sick Building Syndrome caused by air pollutants and bacteria can be reduced up to 86 percent by a new air filter, A safe and convenient way of dealing with diaper waste management that is compatible with emerging waste management technologies, Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Unit uses a synthetic membrane to treat a broad range of water and wastewater purification needs, Forest products industry is committed to a policy of integrated forest resource management.

Today's Environment Show 737

An effective and environmentally safe method of handling hazardous watse, Te natural gas industry's goal is to have one million natural gas vehicles (NGV's) on the road by year 2000, Recycled wood and lumber by-products are combined with biodegradable resin to make wood pallets, A d-inking process makes recycled paper products that meet business needs without compromising quality, Soil erosion is combated through a combination of computer programs and erosion control blankets, Development of projects for collecting and using landfill gas as a fuel source, while helping conserve traditional fuels as well.

Today's Environment Show 738

Companies committed to purchasing recycled products and cutting down on waste can increase profit margins, Commercial and residential building insulation that contains a minimum 20 percent recycled glass, Both commercial and residential people are participating in programs targeted at energy conservation, which helps people save money and energy providing companies lower operating costs, A company has developed a way to minimize hazardous materials and reclaim profits from it through field and labratory tests another chemical was found to be a viable substitute for CFC-11, which helps in the reduction of air pollution, Waste to fuel conversion and recycling is the most cost effective method to eliminate waste and preserve resources.

Today's Environment Show 739

Purification of water with active oxygen doesn't have the health risks associated with chlorine treatments and is over a 1000 times faster and 150 times stronger, A polyurethane spray developed for improved insulation, weather protection and energy efficiency can be sprayed over an existing roof, Glass is 100 percent recyclable and can be made into products numerous times without a loss of quality, A community votes for future energy independence by voting on a bond issue to develop alternate sources of electricity, Horizontal boring equipment is being used to remove contaminants form under surface obstructions, A study is conducted to determine the relationship between humans and their working environment to improve productivity and morale.

Today's Environment Show 740

The Clean Water Initiative has set the goal of making the Tennessee River the cleanest and most productive river system in the United States, A corporation that operates through a network of independent local contractors who are trained and equipped to deal with oil spills both domestic and international, Alternative refrigeration systems being made to stop the release of CFC's and HCFC's, Cotton yields soared and there was an 85% reduction in insecticide use when a test region eradicated the boll weevil through cultural, chemical and biological methods, Waste and Release Reduction Program created to find alternative uses for waste material, Modern precious metal refineries are updated to protect the environment from operational residuals,

Today's Environment Show 741

Equipment that provides extra safety when dealing with hazardous materials and environmental contaminates, Aircraft engines created to run clean and quiet, Scientists discover that white rot fungi can break down complex organic substances including toxic organic compounds, A company that specializes in showing other companies how going beyond governmental regulations can reduce costs and help the planet, Oxygenates used in reformulated gas lets the fuel burn more cleanly and completely.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Today's Environment Show 742

A skylight created for home or office use that helps maximize the sun's rays and conserve energy, High-school student competition promoted to inspire accelerated knowledge and acceptance of zero-emission electric vehicle technology, Major landfill relief and substantial energy savings occur by using existing steel rather than creating more metal from ore, An industrial filter that can more than triple the life of some machine tool coolants and cuts liquid waste by over two-thirds, A scrubber will absorb up to 95 percent of sulfur dioxide produced by burning coal and will turn by-product into salable gypsum, or calcium sulfate, The Beachsaver reef (concrete reef) was designed to preserve the seashore by harnessing the power of a wave and returning the sand to shore that an undercurrent takes.

Today's Environment Show 743

Geothermal systems represent an alternative to heating and cooling homes and businesses and maximizing energy efficiency, which translates to utility savings, Recycled plastics are combined with innovative technology to produce environmentally friendly applications, Magnesium chloride harnessed from sea water is converted to magnesium hydroxide to cleanse waste water, Electrically heated catalytic converter can eliminate 99.1 percent of harmful emissions, Ford Motor Company & the Dept. of Energy are pioneers in a new alternative fuel called E-85, One major auto manufacturer instituted a national tree planting program with the goal of planting one tree for every vehicle sold.

Today's Environment Show 744

The fuel cell engine allows a vehicle all the flexibility of a gas or diesel engine, but produces no harmful emissions, only warm air, Ford Motor Company & the Dept. of Energy are pioneers in a new alternative fuel called E-85, Environmentally responsible railroad company examines ways to improve water quality, waste management and air quality to the environments benefit, Textile industry waste being used as insulation, A halogenated organic gas destruction unit that can destroy chloroform and other halogen-bearing volatile compounds in vent streams of modern factories, Coating covers flexible plastic film (plastic wrap) to extend the shelf life for many products without impairing recyclability or adding harmful toxins,

Today's Environment Show 745

Proper pollution control devices can take the energy stored in waste material and convert it to electricity, Energy efficient computers that conserve energy, maximize recyclability and minimize waste, Magnesium enhanced lime is used to "scrub" out the sulfur dioxide emissions produced by coal fired power, Company discovers how to make asphalt a nearly infinitely recyclable resource, Company uses ground tire crumbs as filler in their sound absorbing paneling, The National Hazmat Program was established to train people in the performance of hazardous waste clean up.

Today's Environment Show 746

Cowl Spiral Silencer can baffle noise by channeling exhaust gases through a spiral passage, Inert by-product that results from flue gas scrubbers is processed into synthetic gypsum, now a major component in most wallboard, Green Machines", environmentally sensitive computer manufacturers strive to recycle and re-use discarded component materials, Using potassium chloride to soften water it becomes beneficial to humans and the environment, because potassium is a vital nutrient in a proper diet, Environ Biocomposite (wood substitute) looks like granite, works like wood and is made from old newspapers and a resin from soybeans,

Today's Environment Show 747

Paper fibers are combined with gypsum to create a new construction material for indoor or outdoor use called FiberBond, Ford Motor Company & the Dept. of Energy are pioneers in a new alternative fuel called E-85, Grinding old tires and mixing it with plastics and new rubber to produce viable new products, HID energy efficient prismatic glass system hold down energy costs and help clean the environment, Sophisticated computer software system called Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) can spot underground tank leaks before they become environmental disasters, Water treatment processes using poly aluminum chlorides leave drinking water with fewer residual metals and restore the ph level easier, while reducing sludge,

Today's Environment Show 748

Partnership between two companies forms the most advanced mobil oil reprocessing technology, Ford Motor Company & the Dept. of Energy are pioneers in a new alternative fuel called E-85, National trade organization teams up with government committees to monitor indoor air quality, American Bureau of Shipping promises to revolutionize the way new tankers and other ships are designed and improve inspection of vessels, Lawn debris accounts for nearly 20 percent of waste in landfills. Learn how you can "grasscycle" to help save landfill space, Company to provide safe drinking water in developing countries

Today's Environment Show 749

Combining the powers of extreme heat and cold could aid in protecting the environment, Device combines the power of infrared heat and a vacuum to extract contaminants and clean the earth, How do laser cartridges effect the environment, See how Southern Nevada has shaped its water supply, Paper manufacture closes the loop between wastepaper and raw material.

Today's Environment Show 750

Aiding landfills and the environment with a new product known as Enviro-scrub,
Installation gets merits for the amount of energy it saves, as well as the resulting emissions it prevents from fouling air, Company reclaims over one hundred million pounds of paper materials per year, Reverse vending machine accepts glass, plastic and aluminum beverage containers without interrupting store personnel, Company recycles waste paper to reuse as other packaging, Helping the environment by recycling steel and tin products.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Today's Environment Show 751

Cars that are built with the environment in mind, International firm to develop new non-petroleum fuel with low emissions, Company pioneers earth-friendly technology to save the environment, The value of recycling, The technology of applying heat to sensitive materials to break the waste cycle, Technology known as "smart elbow" is helping to clean the air.

Today's Environment Show 752

Solar cells that absorb energy from sunlight, Nitrogen may increase the longevity of food on supermarket shelves, Recycling sawdust to produce charcoal, liquid smoke and fuel, A water purification system that can be operated from with a computer, Cleaning product that uses no phosphates and and only biodegradable cleaning agents, New system to destroy hazardous waste and emits less exhaust than that of a car.

Today's Environment Show 753

Patented chemistry becomes the only product certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for pipe cleaning, New pump ensures that no liquids can leak out to contaminate the soil, Utility plant becomes the first in Iowa to adopt an integrated resource plan, Company offers alternative to traditional waste disposal methods, A thermal desortion technology is returning soil back to the earth in an environmentally safe and economical manner, Agricultural chemicals and pesticides are becoming less harmful for farmers with the help of a specialized bag.

Today's Environment Show 754

Energy efficient construction that helps combat global climate change, Computer software developed to monitor energy efficiency in buildings, Program instills the restoration of many marsh areas in New Jersey and Delaware, Denver based oil company takes care of the environment with program "Brown Cloud", System converts sunlight into electricity on massive scales as required by a public utility, Collecting and separating plastic materials from other trash before going into landfills is improving landfill space and vinyl recycling.

Today's Environment Show 755

Paper mill uses large percentages of recycled material, New CEO creates ten-point strategy for company to utilize sustainable energy for day-to-day activities, Durable container that can be recycled, Technology aims at stopping ground leaks before they occur, Gas cooling company to coordinate technology, energy and government policy to advance the use of natural gas for cooling purposes, Environmentally friendly cotton ball created from genetically engineered seed.

Today's Environment Show 756

Minimizing car emissions in California, Cooperative project to help avoid sending millions of pounds of waste to landfills, The first power plant to use this new energy saving energy resource, The manufacturing and designing of energy efficient products, Pep Boys SuperCenters accept used motor oil for recycling, You can use safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic, non-corrosive and do not release any harmful fumes.

Today's Environment Show 757

Abestos and the clean up of environmentally distressed real estate properties,
A conference on environmental technologies educates people on the environment, Corporation to represent a new source of pipeline quality methane, National Aerosol Association recommends environmentally safe aerosol products for their efficiency, effectiveness and economy, Evolution of products and product safety to help save the environment, Company takes advantage of energy efficient electro technology.

Today's Environment Show 758

State affiliates helping local communities protect their own water sources, Manufacturing processes that preserve our environment, Organization takes on task of rescuing the environment and the waterways of spills, Process to replace flammable solvents that produce emissions, New machine to recover the pulp and paper industry, Recovering the aluminum in dross and saltcake.

Today's Environment Show 759

The many ways sheep can offer solutions that baffel modern technology, Researchers find a less invasive and cost effective way to remediate contaminate soil, Particleboard saves landfill space, Low and high technology used to create more efficent soil remediation techniques, Project to recycle corrugated cardboard boxes and keep them out of landfills, Electrical power plant modernization in Czech Republic.

Today's Environment Show 760

Motorized mirror blades track sun throughout the day to provide superior interior lighting, Gas station chain of 76 locations builds facilities from scratch with the latest environmental protection technology, Training people for HAZMAT dangers and safety, The world's largest carpet producer makes commitment to reduce waste, Water purification project to impact local community,Printing company to make operations more environmentally friendly across the board.

Today's Environment Show 761

US Postal Service takes action in regards to its concerns about the being environmentally friendly, US Postal Service to reduce waste by 50 percent.

Today's Environment Show 762

Recycling cars for steel to save the environment, Clean air achieved through combustion management, The C.U.R.E. program to help saving the country's rain forests, Compatibility of environment with nuclear energy plants, Remediation of nuclear weapons development site, Minimizing environmental impact with a new process to protect the wetlands.

Today's Environment Show 763

Environmentally friendly odor remover has been developed to remove odors, Water-tight pipes keep wastewater from leaking out into groundwater, Cleaning contaminated soil, Wells represent one technology to convert geothermal energy from hot, dry rock, Machine to recover 100 percent of an aerosol product for recycling,

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Today's Environment Show 764

Software designed to aid in environmental restoration, Double and triple inspecting to make sure safety and environmental regulations are being obeyed, Recycling disposable diapers, Two-cycle motor that eliminates emissions and increases performance, Program to create cleaner technologies in coal mining industry, Robotic inspection and repair system for nuclear waste.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Today's Environment Show 765

Protection of plants and animals in coexistence with energy development, Facility wins national energy award for conserving energy throughout entire manufacturing process, Sorbit products to capture excess oils, lubricants and fluids, Integration of environmental principles in areas of engineering, Thermo-plastic material used to rehabilitate existing pipeline without excavation, Manufacturing plant acts proactively to aggressively reduce and eliminate pollution from their process.

Today's Environment Show 766

A printing company changes operations to contribute to a better environment, Research and technology created to clean up soil and groundwater contamination, Company to help other corporation burn cleaner with new techniques, Environ Biocomposite (wood substitute) looks like granite, works like wood and is made from old newspapers and resin from soybeans, The trend of laser toner cartridges being recycled, Ultra-thin, recycled microfiber installation helps keep heat in and cold out.

Today's Environment Show 767

At-home water filtration system purifies with a three-step process, Electroplating facility discovers new ways of cutting the amount of waste generated, Recycling polypropylene to create new packaging, Mobile service that performs preventative maintenance on commercial vehicles to protect the environment, Innovative burner system to help power plants cut NOx emissions by 75 percent, Facility to teach and promote leading energy and conservation air pollution reduction technologies.

Today's Environment Show 768

Clean burning gas transported efficiently and safely from source to consumer,
Technology helps destroy contaminates in ground water, Planet-friendly metal, stainless steel, is recyclable and durable and may reduce the demand for raw materials and energy, Recycling cars for steel to save the environment, Re-useable vinyl bag allows consumers to re-use the package that products come in, Ten point plan to reduce or eliminate the amount of environmentally-sensitive materials and processes in textile facilities.

Today's Environment Show 769

Clean burning gas transported efficiently and safely from source to consumer,
Technology helps destroy contaminates in ground water, Planet-friendly metal, stainless steel, is recyclable and durable and may reduce the demand for raw materials and energy, Recycling cars for steel to save the environment, Re-useable vinyl bag allows consumers to re-use the package that products come in, Ten point plan to reduce or eliminate the amount of environmentally-sensitive materials and processes in textile facilities.

Today's Environment Show 770

State-of-the-art filtration technology to separate unwanted impurities,
Ecology and Risk Management Policy, Review program to deem hair-care and cosmetics environmentally friendly, Innovative window and door technology to minimize use of energy, Hydrogen peroxide to replace chlorine and its harmful effects on the environment, The initial steps to the reduction and eventual elimination of ozone depleting CFCs.

Today's Environment Show 771

Architecture firm creates structures that reflect the environment,
Newspapers provide more than just good reading by making sure their operations achieve environmental excellence, Sewage plant develops a system to save nearly 700 million gallons of fresh water a year, Technology to help turn the toxic tide in the war against soil contamination, Protecting the environment through the design and manufacture of its products, One method to contain horizontal migration of hazardous chemical spilled into the soil.

Today's Environment Show 772

The trend of laser toner cartridges being recycled, Technologies for producing value-added products using industrial waste, Plastic piping protects the environment against acid, fungi and bacteria, Discovery in Montana provides US with first domestic resource of scare metals, Reforestation project to replant 5,000 across devastated area, Since 1954, Chevron has been honoring citizens, volunteers and non-profit organizations to fight to protect the environment.

Today's Environment Show 773

Recycling 97 percent of a car battery's components, Fire Island protects endangered sea species, Technology advancement program reduces smog in cities, Sustainable forest management is increasing the number of thriving forests in the US.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Today's Environment Show 774

New rechargeable battery, CROW thermal desorption technology, Computerized tools to maximize energy conservation in buildings and reduce environmental impact, Hair care products with no animal testing and all-natural ingredients, US rice growers are adopting practices to improve crop performance and the environment, Landfills of opportunity: making garbage into useable material.

Today's Environment Show 775

Hair care products with no animal testing and all-natural ingredients,
Using the electronic highway rather than the freeway for work, Recycled resin formalistic bottles turned into fabrics, New sources of fuel and transportation research have improved traffic and reduced vehicle emissions, Hazardous waste and groundwater protection programs.

Today's Environment Show 776

Alternative to wood for home construction, Recycling centers for used automobile oil, Biological insecticides that protect plant and animal life, Converting waste to energy with a clean, renewable form of solid waste disposal, Insulation made from recycled glass, Energy efficiency in home construction.

Today's Environment Show 777

Water quality in the Chesapeake Bay, Surgery without scars, Save the environment with electric vehicles, CO2 as a solvent cleaner, Zero-waste may become a reality, System to reduce nitrogen oxides

Today's Environment Show 778

Radiation as a source of environmental improvement, Transportation demand management and the environment, Turning what people don't want into things someone may need, Robotic arms that handle hazardous chemicals, Stalled in traffic wastes natural resources, and dumps tons of pollutants into the air,

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Today's Environment Show 779

Carpools and vanpools as alternative transportation, Hotel chain creates programs to conserve and clean the country's water resources, Technique to fight against insects, weeds, etc, Coal, the new electrifying resource to light up homes, Agency's technical plans to assist those who want to develop conservation plans,

Today's Environment Show 780

Preserving the forest and balancing economics.

Today's Environment Show 781

Alternative transportation programs to reduce congestion and pollution, Turning landfill sludge into dry content fertilizer, Maufacturers designing machines that have minimal impact on the environment, Facilities and strategies eliminate 80% of phosphorous from water, Solar dish system that converts sunlight to electrical power.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Today's Environment Show 782

Planet friendly options for environmental byproducts, Pollution prevention strategy to assist in the reduction of wastes and pollutants, Paints that are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), reduce the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere,

Today's Environment Show 783

Fuel additive that reduces emissions, Environmental programs that educate people about reuse and recycling, Recycling paper products provides an essential source of raw material, Program that helps organize people to remove trash and other wastes from their area,

Today's Environment Show 784

Resort modeled after the ancient civilization of Atlantis, More efficient electrical power through alternative energy sources, The Rotoclave safely disposes of medical waste in any community dumpsite, A new fuel, p-series, that burns cleaner than gasoline or other alternative fuels, The Stream Doctor program created to restore streams and surrounding habitats to their communities,

Today's Environment Show 785

Bottled water/water filtration for a healthier lifestyle, The "Environmental Excellence" challenge, Vaporized fuel to engines creates fewer emissions, Technology that optimizes air-to-fuel ratios and improves combustion efficiency, The Air Force has established an aggressive environmental program consisting of four areas; cleanup, conservation, compliance and pollution,

Today's Environment Show 786

Environmental liability insurance, Energy-efficient lighting, Wildlife and land preservation in Oregon, Recycle the acids and water used during manufacturing, Products from 100% recycled plastic, Environmental sponsorships effectiveness and success,